Book the Grad House for your next Event

Looking for space for an event this summer? Have a fundraiser, club get-together, or sporting event? The grad house is available for bookings. The facility includes BBQS, outdoor patio, big screen, and sound system. Contact for more details.

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 Are you a recent graduate looking for Health and Dental coverage?

Have you recently graduated? Worried about losing your health and dental coverage? Student V.I.P. has partnered with Green Shield Canada to offer a seamless transition from the Student VIP Plan, to an individual plan. By accessing the Grad Perks page on the website below, students can easily view and compare supplemental health and dental plans that can help with transition into the workforce and provide you with the protection you need. Plus, you still have access to traditional services such as Direct2U Prescriptions and GOeVisit virtual doctors. Interested in learning more? Take a look at or reach out to

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UNBGSA Elections Next Week!

The GSA has received 2 nominations for president thus far, Brittany Dixon and Scott Young. There is Brittany Dixon, PhD Candidate in Biology, and current VP Societies and Events on the GSA Executive. There is also Scott Young, Master's in Computer Science (CS), and currently President of the CS Grad Student Society. Their nomination letters can be found here.   The vote will take place at the AGM next week, Wednesday the 18th at Carleton Hall, room 106, at 5:30 PM. If you cannot attend but would like to vote, proxy forms for the vote can be found here. Come and support your choice for new president !  

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UNBGSA Elections

Call for elections from the student body ! The Chief Returning Officer is now asking for nominations to our new executive for the year 2017-2018! The vote will be ratified at the next Annual General Meeting on October 18th. Get involved with your student union and fight for the rights of our members! The nomination form can be found here: APPLICATION FORM  

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UNB once again reaches into the empty wallets of students.

UNB once again reaches into the empty wallets of students. This week, UNB has once again turned its back to students by voting for an increase in tuition fees for students of 140$ for domestic students and around 400$ for international students [1], The tuition increase further marginalizes Indigenous students as well, who already face significant obstacles in obtaining post-secondary education, even though they are a large growing demographic in Canada. UNB has been patting themselves on the back for their efforts in attracting students to UNB, and on the other hand, UNB reaches into the empty pockets of students to take away what we were hoping to use to buy groceries or pay rent. Is UNB asking us to give up food and a roof over our head to educate ourselves? Student enrollment is already going down in the Atlantic provinces [2] and these changes will only make it worse. If UNB really wants to bring students to Fredericton and Saint John, it should think about making it easier for them to live. All the while, mental health issues have now become the norm on campuses across the country, with alarming rates of students seeking mental health support, some even resorting to suicide [3]. The student debt is literally killing our youth. UNB must stand with students and address the root problem, rather than simply throw the bill on the backs of students and let our hospitals deal with the problems. Everyone needs to do their part in order to address this societal problem. The future of NB depends on how we treat our youth, and Administration and government need to take this seriously. References: [1] [2] [3]

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