Services for both Fredericton and Saint John Students

Health and Dental Plans

Health and dental insurance coverage is provided for graduate students at UNB through Student VIP.

CFS Services

Student discount, travel and tax filing programs and services are available to GSA members through the Canadian Federation of Students.

Safe Ride

The Graduate Student Association now partners with the UNB Student Union Safe Ride Program.
Graduate Students are now eligible to use SAFERIDE home after long day at the university. Just show your student ID, SAFERIDE will drive you home.


The FAQ document is helpful for new and returning students who may need information about the GSA and services provided on campus.

Services for Fredericton Students

Universal Bus Pass

The Universal Bus Pass is an agreement between the GSA and Fredericton City Transit, offering full-time members of the GSA unlimited usage of city transit.

Reserve Resources

Book space at the Grad House such as the conference room, President’s Room or the bar area for your graduate student group or event.



Services for Saint John Students

GSA Student Lounge

The GSA student lounge is located in Room 221 of the Thomas Condon Student Union Building (2nd floor, across from the Whitebone Lounge and Colonel Tucker’s). The door should be unlocked; if not then please contact security to let you in.