Graduate Student Health and Dental Plans

Welcome to your Student VIP Health and Dental Plan!


The UNB GSA Health & Dental plan is a service available to all full-time Graduate Students at UNB (Fredericton & St. John). This plan includes prescription, extended health, dental, and travel coverage, all for a low cost of $523 for the entire year.

Please visit the Student VIP website at for information on your coverage. You can also download your drug card, opt out, add family members, and view the services that accompany the plan.

The Fall opt-out period ends on September 30th, 2018. The Winter opt-out period ends on January 31st, 2019. Opt-out information from previous years does not carry over so remember to opt-out in time. Students may also add their family online through the Student VIP website.

 The Policy periods are listed below, please note that the Saint John Policy year (for MBA students) runs October – September.

Fall Term:

Health Only:                                                                                 CAD 290.00

Dental Only:                                                                                 CAD 233.00

Health and Dental:                                                                          CAD 523.00

Health Only – Family + 1 (2 insureds):                                          CAD 566.00

Dental Only – Family + 1 (2 insureds):                                          CAD 454.00

Health and Dental – Family + 1 (2 insureds):                                CAD 995.00

Health Only – Family 2+ (2+ insured):                                         CAD 698.00

Dental Only – Family 2+ (2+ insured):                                         CAD 558.00

Health and Dental – Family 2+ (2+ insured):                              CAD 1230.00

Winter Term

Health Only:                                                                                 CAD 200.00

Dental Only:                                                                                 CAD 198.00

Health and Dental:                                                                          CAD 385.00

Health Only – Family + 1 (2 insureds):                                          CAD 389.00

Dental Only – Family + 1 (2 insureds):                                          CAD 385.00

Health and Dental – Family + 1 (2 insureds):                                CAD 750.00

Health Only – Family 2+ (2+ insured):                                         CAD 477.00

Dental Only – Family 2+ (2+ insured):                                         CAD 470.00

Health and Dental – Family 2+ (2+ insured):                               CAD 925.00

Summer Term

Health Only:                                                                                  CAD 111.00

Dental Only:                                                                                  CAD 160.00

Health and Dental:                                                                        CAD 268.00

Health Only – Family + 1 (2 insureds):                                           CAD 212.00

Dental Only – Family + 1 (2 insureds):                                           CAD 315.00

Health and Dental – Family + 1 (2 insureds):                                 CAD 500.00

Health Only – Family 2+ (2+ insured):                                          CAD 256.00

Dental Only – Family 2+ (2+ insured):                                          CAD 385.00

Health and Dental – Family 2+ (2+ insured):                                CAD 615.00

How to Opt Out

If you already have extended health and dental coverage, you are able to opt-out of the health and dental plan provided by the UNB GSA.

How to Opt-Out:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In/Register
  3. Register to Student VIP by filling out all required information
  4. Log In
  5. An Opt-Out link will appear in the blue menu on the right hand side, click it
  6. Fill out all required information and press submit
  7. You will receive an email in the account you have provided verifying your form has been submitted

Should you have any questions or if you are unsure if your opt-out was successfully completed, see Krista Harris at the Grad House ( or contact Student VIP at or 1-888-918-5056

Direct2U Prescriptions

Have your prescriptions delivered directly to the UNB GSA office, or to a location of your choice for free, the next business day with Direct2U Prescriptions.

This service is available for all UNB GSA students regardless of what health plan you are on.

You do not have to be on the UNBGSA plan to use this service!

Those on the UNB GSA plan will receive 100% coverage on generic drugs (versus 80% at a traditional pharmacy).

Provided by Alliance Pharmacy, Direct2U Prescriptions offers lower dispensing fees and ingredient costs on your medications plus free delivery to any location across Canada. The GSA has set up a special designated drop off location at the UNBGSA office for your convenience as you pass through campus. Pick up your medications at any time during office hours. Doing research for a few months or on winter break? Have your prescriptions rerouted to where YOU are. This service can be used even after graduation.

How to Sign Up:

New Prescriptions: At the doctors office, write your phone number on the prescription and ask the receptionist to fax your prescription to 1-877-835-8329. Alliance Pharmacy will contact you for your information. The pharmacist will provide a consultation on your medications, the same way you would at a traditional pharmacy, except over the phone.

Existing Prescriptions: Transfer your prescriptions easily by calling Alliance Pharmacy at 1-877-796-7979. You can also register online and submit your pharmacy information at

Refills: You can sign up for refill reminders by phone, text, or email. Delivery notifications are also sent by email so you know when the package has been sent and delivered.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Your prescription comes packaged in a plain box with no markings. You can speak to a pharmacist over the phone, in the comfort of your own home, instead of in a busy store. All packages are stored in a locked cabinet behind a locked door for your safety. The staff at the UNB GSA office will require photo identification and a signature in order to release your prescriptions.

Please note, monitored medications are not eligible for Direct2U delivery, you can view your drugs eligibility here.

What are you waiting for! Sign up now Click here.