To all Full-time Graduate Students,

Please Note: Part-time students are not eligible for coverage and need to take no further action.  If you started in the Fall term, 2018, you need take no further action.  This email is for Full-time students starting in January of 2019.

For information regarding the GSA Health & Dental insurance plan opt-out/in please visit

If you have further questions, please email the office at

For convenience purposes, there is a “Live Chat” function on the Student VIP website that connects you directly with someone at the Student VIP office. This is usually your easiest way to get an answer because you speak to someone directly from our insurance company.

This year you have the option to download your insurance card from the Student VIP website, in partnership with Blue Cross. You simply click on the “Plan Card” tab and enter your student ID number.  If you access the website using a Smartphone you can simply save the card to your phone for ease of use.  Please see attached plan card sample for reference and remember to select the appropriate start time (Fall, Winter, Spring).

For those students who are opting out of part or all of the coverage (Health or Dental) please remember the following information:

All opt outs are done online at the student VIP website listed above.  The opt-in/out button will open & become active on January 1st.
This year, to opt-out of either the health, dental, or both components you must provide proof of comparable coverage in order to be eligible to be opted out.   This is a change from last year.

You must opt out prior to January 31st in order for your opt to be accepted. No opt outs will be processed after January 31st.
You can only opt out if you have not used any of the relevant plan coverage.
Please Note: Medicare or Guard.Me will not qualify you to opt-out of the GSA plan as they are considered basic coverage because the GSA insurance is extended coverage.
You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully completed the opt-out.
Financial Services will not be removing fees from Student Accounts until mid-February, once the January 31st opt-out/in period has ended and the list has been verified.
Students are required to opt-out each year, in September, for the duration of their time enrolled as a full-time student.

For New Winter term students (only*) wishing to add family members or dependents onto the plan please remember the following information:

All add-ins are done online at the VIP website.  The opt-in/out button will open & become active on January 1st.
You have to complete the add-on prior to January 31st. After the 31st we cannot add any others to the plan.
Individuals added into the plan must have basic health coverage in place (Medicare,, or an equivalent) to be eligible for the GSA plan coverage.
Please Note: If you started in September of 2018, you are NOT eligible to add your family at this time.


General Information:

UNB GSA Health Plan Features

As a member of the UNB GSA Health Plan, you have access to an online portal and mobile App to make interacting with your plan efficient and accessible. Please be sure to register for the portal and download the App to access important plan features at your fingertips.

Online Portal and App features:

Claim Submission

Claim Status & History

View remaining coverage of benefits

Find a practitioner

Drug Search

Benefit details

Sign up for Direct Deposit

& more

Visit to register for the portal and download the free Medavie Blue Cross App for Apple and Android.

How to Register for the Portal

Be sure to register for the UNB GSA Health Plan portal to:

Submit claims

View claim Status & History

View remaining coverage of benefits

Find a practitioner

Access Drug Search

View Benefit details

Sign up for Direct Deposit

& more

How to register:

Visit click here
In the lower left, click “First time? Register Now”
Choose the card on the lower right, it should look similar to your UNB GSA Health Plan Card
Your policy number is 0091942000
Your Identification Number on the plan is your Student ID number (7 digits) with 00 added to the beginning AND end for a total of 11 digits. (i.e. 00123456700)